Problems With Las Vegas Raiders Stadium Location

By John L. Smith – The cheering had barely subsided at the Clark County Government Center, but Don Murphy wasn’t among those joining in the political tailgate party that takes place whenever the proposed $1.9 billion domed football stadium project is on the commission agenda.

The commission voted Sept. 6 to continue to move forward with the stadium that will serve as a new home for the Las Vegas Raiders in 2020 despite an obvious lack of sufficient parking and an analysis that reads like a sitcom script.  This time even Commissioner Chris Giunchigliani, the project’s only consistent critic on the county board, joined the elected cheer squad led from the first day by gubernatorial aspirant and Chairman Steve Sisolak.

Most locals didn’t need further proof, but the vote was more evidence that the stadium project — despite the challenges of the selected site — is pressing forward at full throttle. Its use of $750 million in public financing via room-tax revenues makes it the most generous gift to an NFL franchise on record. And, I’ll speculate, the giving has only begun despite the provisions codified in the enabling funding legislation, Senate Bill 1.


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